Performance and Interactions > Hepaglyphic Symbol of Convergence

This was a performance piece i did on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I opened myself up to the energies of the space, of the sand and water themselves, and let them move me the way they moved. i traced a sand mandala in the sand before i began and performed the movement piece in the center of the sacred space i created. I had no words, no tangible thoughts go through my mind at all, everything was clear and the only thing i heard was the sound of the environment singing its song. Then, after moving for quite some time i felt the urge to stop. I stopped my movements and stood in a prayer and the waves swept up the shore and the surf ran up along my feet, washing away the sand mandala i had drawn. Up until that very moment the water had not come up that high at all. The piece was done. I bowed and thanked the water and the serf once again ran up the shore, but this time to stop a few inches from my toes, as if acknowledging my thanks and bowing in return.

Krisztina Lazar energy movement jazz collaboration piece
Performance at Ocean Beach 10/10/09