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Corona Heights is a large hill smack in the middle of San Francisco that rises out of nowhere and sits in this energetically intense perpendicular of 16th street and Divisidero. During this movement piece, i experienced this as a sharp contrast to the lateral push and pull of the intense wind that was blowing. I was channeling a strong, almost painful energy that was coursing through my movements as this was the most intense experience I've had while doing these performances. It wasn't just the energy of the space that i was working with, but somehow the energies writhing through the city itself and the landscape that asserts itself within the urbanity that attempts to pacify it.

I do these movement performances every week on Saturdays. They rotate between beach (where i wear white), park (where i wear red), and urban (where i wear black) settings. These colors best reflect the energies within the space and help me get amongst those forces so that i may create the movements specific to each place.

Photo courtesy of Michael Barrett

Krisztina Lazar energy movement jazz collaboration piece
Performance at Corona Heights, San Francisco 10/23/10