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The video of this piece can be seen in my Videos section.

The audience for the performance sat on either side of the projection. They had no access to the image from a frontal viewpoint, but rather saw it in this way as the photograph suggests. The side view created a different type of relationship between the elements of the piece, combining the light from the projector, the performer, the projected image and the shadow in a more abstract way, rather than flattening out the image completely.

Porphyry was the most regal and sought after color in antiquity. Created from the excretions of a dying sea snail, it was extraordinarily difficult to harvest and was simultaneously as expensive. It was the color of royalty and divinity.
Psychedelic Porphyry has never existed. Until now.
It is a color to experience. It cannot be painted, colored, dyed, or rendered in any way. It is a happening, a thing of the moment. It washes over the viewer and then is over.

Psychedelic Porphyry birthed the Element Red.

Photo courtesy of Niki Korth

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Psychedelic Porphyry
Performance March 3, 2011
Digital Photograph of Live Performance