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This is the first installation of a much larger idea.
A few years ago I had a crazy notion. What if I make paintings with crochet amoeba like borders that can intertwine and create installations? This idea was going to take me awhile.
Now, I am just starting to have enough of these paintings to see my vision in real life.
Imagine 20 more paintings, of all sizes, stretching across a wall, onto the ceiling, and even the floor, covering a space like a creature.

Each of my crochet paintings is like a cell in a much larger system, or a single thought of an idea. The paintings in a group like this talk to each other and create a whole larger than their parts.

The world is a story. Each thought is a member of a larger idea.  Each cell is a part of a more complex system.
Mundus Est Fabula: The World is a Story
(Installation View)
mixed media