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(Installation view)

A cocoon is a vehicle of change and is created at a time when incubation and transformation become necessary. Hanging in the middle of the exhibition space and reaching from the ground to the height of the ceiling, it is the axis mundi, the grounding center and the feminine principle. Though the cocoon itself is woven from an essentially porous and gossamer element, as in the case of this performance, out of crocheted yarn, it provides protection against external elements, a safe haven for the metamorphosis within to take place. Our cultural and social climates are in storm, raging a global political tectonic shift that began as a murmur but is escalating into a palpable conscious quake. Whether because of inefficiencies, inequalities, or blatant neglect, the dream of abundance is becoming unbelievable. The cocoon is systematically and carefully woven. It will nurture budding ideas of radical progress and growth and a reformed being can immerge from within its cradle, able to accept new challenges as we take on the scope of our full capacity.

Thank you Matthew Schoonmaker for the beautiful images of this performance.

I crocheted myself into a red cocoon
Cocoon: Second Universe
Performance and Installation