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I've been asked by my guy friends for years to make a mens line, so boys, here it is! 100% Cotton shirt dyed once with 4 layers of silkscreen print-painting.

I've developed a technique of layering and coloring the screens that creates a look similar to an abstract painting, creating a different look than just printing strait on the shirt. The colors and patterns move as you move.

Each one is individually created and unique and can never be completely duplicated in the exact same way. Think of it as a original work of art you can wear!

Fits somewhere between a medium and a large, a bit larger than some mediums, definitely smaller than a true large.

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Thank you!

Dude Shirt no. 2 Smoke on the Water
Dude Shirt no. 2 Smoke on the Water
tshirt, screenprint, dye
sz. ML