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Crochet top with halter neck and fun green buttons that you can adjust to fit the way it works best on you. Ties secure the crochet top around and just under your shoulder blades keep the dress decent and add a little "oomph" to your bust-line. a second set of ties are long enough to wrap around you several times and you can play and tie these however you'd like. There is elastic around the underbust portion of the dress so it won't slip or fall down and can be secure while you dance the night away.

The dress is made from soft and cozy fleece printed with the super awesome rainbow unicorn pattern. This is my favorite fleece i've ever seen and i haven't been able to find it again. I only had enough to make this one dress so you are sure to have the one and only look just like this.

Bubbly Pixie Unicorn Mini Dress
Bubbly Pixie Unicorn Mini Dress
unicorn fleece, crochet top and ties
Sz. Small