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This is the FIrst painting in the "Mundus Est Fabula" )The World is a Story) triptych.

We exist in a moment of nested holons, a richly layered and deeply woven webwork of intermingled concepts that are inextricably linked together through their contextual fabric. Every thought, every idea is born from the contexts that surround it, like expanding bubbles emerging from the historicity of the global unconscious, or effervescences within the primordial ooze.

The mind does not simply reflect truth, but rather extracts it from the ongoing process involving the collision and merging of ideas, to paraphrase Herbart, and it is these collisions and mergings that happen within the ineffable mindspace that is unique to ourselves while simultaneously being interwoven to everything and everyone around us, the ultimate macrocosm and microcosm of thought. We all share in a knowledge of certain histories, of certain ideas, of the past and present. We all participate in the media in varying forms and we all can look at a cow and recognize what it is. It is because of our shared understanding of contexts that we are able to relate in these facets of the mind and it is these contexts that are infinitely embedded downward through time, upward through the future and existing all at this exact moment.

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dreamlike visionary painting of imaginary realism
Mundus est Fabula: The World is a Story
Oil, crochet and faux fur on canvas, crochet frame
7.5 feet x 8 feet