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In this performance piece i coated myself with a color of paint. Then i ran and launched myself into the air to throw myself against the canvas on the wall. Landing on my back on the canvas that extended onto the floor, i picked myself up to go to the end, coat myself with the second color of paint and repeat the process.
I was creating a painting on myself by using the canvas as the painting mechanism. I used 10 colors and ran 10 times to create the abstract painting on my skin.
This piece is physically very exhausting, an endurance piece in it of itself. Because of my fibromyalgia, doing this performance was physically very taxing and had after effects on my health for the next three months afterwards. Simply because i wasn't coated in paint any longer, the performance continued on as the impact was felt and experienced for a long time as my body healed itself slowly.

Thank you to Nathan J. Shaulis for the beautiful photography.

painting performance endurance
mixed media