• In the studio

    I am currently painting my little heart out. New images. New style. Developing a theme. Stay tuned!!!!

  • September 2011 - Come see my performance!

    I will be performing and showing video September 30th, a Friday, at HiveMind in Oakland, California. It's going to be an amazing show. Check out their website for more info. . . .
    HiveMind Projects

  • May 2010


    So school is out and summer is here. Summer means more projects and more time to work on them without classes! yay!
    check out my blogs here:

    i am going to be working on more performance pieces and installation work as well as writing often. please check me out on facebook and on my blogs for updates. thanks!
    many blessings,


  • 2010

    I am working on a lot of projects all at once (so what else is new?!) and i am really looking forward to implementing them when they are ready. These include more performances, installations, sculpture and radically new paintings.
    Stay tuned for updates!

    Another very exciting project i am involved in the Valence Project. My painting, "Give Me Myself Again," is the cover of the album. The album comes out February 14th. I will be sure to post links when it is available. For a preview however, you can go to my Links page and check out what it's all about. . . .

  • San Francisco with Flowers in my hair

    I have recently moved to San Francisco for grad school at the San Francisco Art Institute. I am settled in and I live in a phenomenal neighborhood.
    Please check out Trunk Boutique located on Lower Haight Street for my Men's Line of Tshirts.