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This is one of those dresses that i think you'd want to be walking outside on a gorgeous fall day, when the air smells fresh and alive and there is a slight breeze that moves the fabric of the dress as you walk. You know those kind of days. And this is the dress to make those romantic days come true.

The top is ruched and stretchy and is held by two adjustable golden crochet ties on the shoulders as well as with a halter tie around the neck. The long flowing body of the dress is made from alternating hand loomed cotton and organic cotton jersey panels that have been hand dyed in a special dying process I have developed over the years to create a multidimensional and gorgeous array of colors. Gathered fully at the bottom, the dress is finished with a layering of metallic bronze and raspberry colored screen prints. These designs are Hungarian folk patterns from various styles of embroidery and pottery. The little glimmer of the ink adds just a hint of sparkle as the dress moves.

The dress is pictured with a multicolored underskirt that hangs out about 2 inches from the dress. This is not included in the price of the dress.

The dress is about 55 inches long from top of the ruching to the floor.

wedding organic cotton dress formal long crochet red raspberry brown
Autumn Harvest Dress
organic cotton, crochet, screen print, hand dyed, hand loomed