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Gone. Everything goes away. Whether we are talking about each moment, each day, every year. They all sink into the black holes of reality. When we sit in meditation, these black holes become more and more apparent to us. We can't do anything about them and there's something compellingly beautiful about the constant "gones" that happen all around us. But there's other things that are going away that we can do something about, that we are directly influencing. That is the disappearance of the flora and fauna of this world, the species we share our planet with. More and more of them each year are dying and becoming extinct. That is a different Gone. Reality is ethereal and holographic. But life still has a right to exist. As human beings, we are directly involved in that right for everything else that lives on this earth. What can each of us do to become conscious of the world around us and make a difference so that animals like the leopard don't become mythical creatures of a time gone by?

ayahuasca, leopard, visionary art, dmt, psychedelic,
mische technique on canvas