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Rainbow Body
Rainbow Body
Mische technique (oil and casein) on canvas, 24kt gold leaf
40" x 40"

I painted a mirror gazing self-portrait each month of my pregnancy with our son. It was a raw process, done when I was dizzy, bloated, elated, confident, on top of the world and would have rather have been on the couch. Each of the self-portraits captures the mood I was in while I was painting them. As my belly grew, the layers of the portraits became almost like a stop-motion image, leading me to the inevitable end of this journey and the beginning of another.
Once my son was born, I finished the rest of the painting. I added in a portrait of him when he was just three weeks old. The planets are in the Chaldean order, the order it was believed that the soul descended from the fixed stars all the way down to Earth, accruing influence from each of the planetary spheres. The hawk flying up towards my baby is his namesake, Hawk, the spiritual force joined with the material to animate life. Hawk is pictured in a 24kt gold star. One of my favorite scientific facts is that we are indeed made of star-stuff. We are in essence made from the cosmos. It is one of the things I hope to instill in him so that he may draw upon that knowledge for the rest of his life.

This piece is in my private collection. 24kt gold leaf embellished prints available upon request.