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Just picture it. Strolling along a sandy shoreline, waves caressing the bottoms of your feet, the smell of the ocean and the warmth of the setting sun glowing on your skin. The ocean breeze dances with the fabric of your dress and plays with your hair as you turn to look out over the water and take it all in. You are wearing the perfect dress. The soft organic cotton jersey, the artisan hand-spun yarn and the glittering gold accents that sparkle in the sun's rays. Not only is the dress perfect, everything is exactly as it should be just for that moment.

This dress can be ordered in various color combinations. Please contact me with any questions. The price for a custom order would begin at $395.

Golden Sunset on the Coast of Spain
Golden Sunset on the Coast of Spain
Hand Dyed Organic Cotton, Natural yarn, Screen Printed Fabric
Sz. Small