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Cthulhu will rise from the depths and take on her role and Dark Goddess of the Galaxy
Mama Cthulhu
Oil and egg tempera on canvas
24" x 48"

Ever read Lovecraft? Every description he wrote about great Cthulhu sounds feminine, even erotically so. Cthulhu is wet, slimy, glistening and more intense and terrifying than the mind can comprehend. Sounds like lady parts to me. This isn't your garden variety Mother Mary description however. I'm talking more like Kali, the destroyer and ultimate creatrix of the universe. Now that's more like what Cthulhu, rather Mama Cthulu should stand for.
Ushering in a new era of the Divine Dark Feminine, Mama Cthulhu sits atop her throne, the USS Enterprise from Gene Roddenberry's original series Star Trek. Why? Because is almost all of sci-fi, Roddenberry had a deep respect and love of women. In fact, one of the all pervasive themes of all of the Star Trek series is to try and communicate and understand Beings that are not human and sometimes completely different than we are. In most scifi it's shoot first, ask questions later. Star Trek embraces the essence of the dark feminine more than any other science fiction out there. If it's dark, unknown, utterly incomprehensible, frightening all of the captains issue orders to attempt to communicate with it. This, I hope, is our true future.

This painting is the beginning of a new series where I am painting various representations of the Divine Dark Feminine and Star Trek flagships from each tv series. stay tuned!

The original of this painting is sold to a collector. If you are interested in custom made canvas and wood prints, please contact me.