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Mische Technique (oil and casein), 24kt gold leaf on canvas
30" x 40"

Cherubim are one of the highest classes of Angel. They literally carry the throne of God. Cherubim Biblically are described as having four heads, one of a lion, one of an eagle, one of a bull, and one of a man. They are mentioned in Ezekiel, Genesis, Kings and the Book of Revelation.
But when we hear the word, “Cherub,” we immediately think of a cute chubby baby angel. They became all the rage in Renaissance Italy mainly because of Donatello’s depiction of them. At the time they were called "putti," the Italian for little boys.
My son, Hawk reached prime Cherub Putto-ness at 8 months old and keeping in line with his chubby Cherub cheeks, I made the heads of the Tetramorph babies as well: a lion cub, Highland Cow calf, and an eaglet.
I wanted the background to be moody, you know, like God peaking through the clouds on a blustery day. I wanted this Cherubim to be both awe-inspiring and cute, both terrible (as any proper mystical vision should be) and adorable. This Living Creature arrived in my life and has utterly changed it just as though I was visited by a Biblical vision. Because I have been. The spiritual ecstatic lightning that comes from witnessing the sheer power of the cosmos ripping open and revealing Truth is what the mystics of yore refer to when they describe seeing an “Angel.” I have one running around my home every day. I have been electrified with purpose and my eyes have been opened. Painting this cheeky painting could not have been more prescient and accurate a description as to what would unfold personally for me over the 9 months it took to paint it.

But that’s how art, like true vision, works often, isn’t it? It holds us by the hand and opens the door for where we want to go.