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Riddle of the Sphinx
Riddle of the Sphinx
Oil on canvasboard
16" x 20"

This liminal space, the in between, the confrontation with the monsters that lurk in our shadow. When She asks us a riddle, will we have the capacity to slow down enough to answer correctly, or will we be too nervous and rush at the wrong conclusion? I wonder about this often. Years ago I studied Tilopa’s Song of Mahamudra. He talks about a gap between our reactions and habits. The gap is so subtle we don’t even know it’s there but it’s where change begins to happen if we can even find it. During meditation, I probed into that space and in the tiniest way, put a wedge into my reaction time. I’ve worked on this for years now and whenever there is a behavior I want to change, I do this practice. This is where the Sphinx lives. She is in the space between that is almost hidden to our normal senses until we probe ever deeper to widen that gap.