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Merdonna and Child
Merdonna and Child
Mische Technique (oil and egg tempera) on canvas
24" x 36"

Animals of fur and feather snuggle their babes close when they sleep. It is in our nature to do the same. In fact, there are a lot of things in our nature to do as mothers and parents that our culture tells us is wrong. Mermaids are both human and animal, symbolically uniting aspects of sides of our nature that are often pitted against each other, our analytic minds and our emotional body for example. A Mermaid can honor both aspects of Self and does not feel conflicted by duality – she has alchemically achieved the coniunctio, the marriage of opposites, and this is what she passes onto her son who is already born with this capacity.

This painting is a prayer that a New Earth can be born from a marriage of our opposing forces as humanity and that we truly honor, support with societal infrastructure, and shape culture to allow mothers to truly mother their babes to ensure a vibrant, grounded, and integrated future. We can all feel as safe as a baby otter wrapped in seaweed with his Mum if we see the value of building a world that allows the healing of ancestral shadow and flourishing for generations to come.