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I couldn't have done it without you
I Couldn't Have Done it Without You
Oil on canvas
16" x 20"

Many if not most of us have a sense that we are helped by an unseen force, sometimes in a very large way and other times in small quiet ways. Our world is populated by much we cannot see but we can feel easily if we just let our bodies relax enough. Our world is alive, from the largest mountains to the smallest book and cranny, and we are surrounded by beings that share an interest in our lives, especially if we share an interest in theirs.
Here, she is assisted by a guide that shows up in the form of a Maned Wolf, an incredibly beautiful animal in real life, and a magical creature perched on her shoulder. This piece pays homage to those moments we reach out to the more than human world with an ask for help, not knowing who or what is listening. And when it ultimately works out, we know someone heard our prayer.