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Lady Largo, as she was known to her American friends, was the famous lounge singer in Paris who began to wear dresses which evoked the silhouettes of the Victorian era. This was one of her ensembles she wore when she performed for the Hungarian Count who was secretly in love with her.
So I made that all up, but the dress is real.

The "dress" consists of a bustier which is made from ties (obviously), crochet bust cups and hand-loomed yarn to create a top that you can wear even with jeans if you'd like.
The skirt is made from a pair of high waisted Old Navy wide leg jeans.

The wrist cuffs and the neckwarmer are made from the same ties that the bustier is made from so they match! They are both accented with crochet. The wrist cuffs are also tied with corset ties and the neckwarmer is decorated and clasped ith a lovely victorian-inspired button.

Victorian Steampunk Silk Tie Bustier and Bustled Skirt
Victorian Steampunk Silk Tie Bustier and Bustled Skirt
jeans, silk ties, knitting, crocheting
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