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"Incense and Peppermints" I name this ensembles after the song because the orange tones remind m of incense, of sunlight, and autumn and peppermints because there is a hint of peppermint blue/green in the dress. This is kind of an idea hippie fairy dress (imagine with wings and flowers in your hair).

This is a two piece ensemble, a knit and crochet tunic and a tulle ballerina skirt. the outfit is a sz.4.
The tunic is hand knit on a circle loom. I crocheted the circles and the free-form lace and sewed them onto the knitting. The tunic has a halter tie that playfully criss-crosses over the chest and combines at the back of the neck. There is a second tie which goes around under the bust and ties in the back, adding support. The tunic is soft and stretchy and shapes to conform to your body.

The tulle skirt has a stretchy lace upper part with an elastic waist. The color in the skirt is a combination of yellow, tan, cream and blue tulle gathered and layered for a fullness that doesn't need constant fluffing. Light and airy and flirty, this skirt moves beautifully when you walk or turn and will put a smile on your face whenever you put it on. There are crochet circles in the front for that almost-too-short-but-decent hem line and there is crochet detailing all around the top of the tulle so that it seemlessly blends into the tunic for a complete look.

The colors in both the tunic and the skirt are layered for a visual effect. i try to paint with the fabrics, textures and colors like i would with my brush and oils. There is something to look at close up as well as the overall effect from a distance in all of my clothing designs.

You can wear the tunic over jeans or other skirts that match and the tulle underskirt can be work with other looks as well. Mix and match, have fun with your clothes and your style.

Incense and Peppermints
Incense and Peppermints
crochet, illustrated jeans, tulle
Sz. Small